JSB Arts Newsletter - Ceramic Jewelry

Good day and welcome to the JSB Arts Ceramic Jewelry newsletter! 

Here you will be notified of any upcoming events pertaining to my ceramic jewelry/component line, sales events, works in progress, and new opportunities for my lovely readers as they arise.  "New Opportunities" could be anything from an invite to participate in a blog hop, for the jewelry designers out there to answer the call for entry for design challenges I may propose...and whatever else I can dream up. 

Don't worry though, I hate spam as much as the next person!  This newsletter will be published on a monthly basis (depending on the areas you select you're interested in receiving), with the occasional "special edition" pushed out if something comes up that I just can't wait to tell you about!  Do you have any suggestions on content you'd like to see?  Please send them my way!

Please select which areas interest you in the drop box below.  This will help me curtail your newsletter offerings.  Each section will be published monthly, rotating by week.  So as an example; the Finished Jewelry newsletter will go out the first week of the month, Components the 2nd week, et al.  The Design Challenge and Blog Hop Invitations will be sent out as the event(s) arise.  If no selection is made, you will receive the overview of the past month newsletter which will be put out the end of every month.

Thanks for tuning in and joining me in this journey!  'Til we meet again!


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